I ripped open the Moroccan Days Arabian Night Shawl kit before I even left the post office. People surely thought I might be a bit kooky as I fondled the skein, turned it this way and that. I’m only 80% certain that I didn’t make any of those deep throat groans of joy. You know the ones.
The color is not what I’d expected. The photos on the designer’s site look more red/gold. This is green/gold. And it’s even better! Green is has always been my favorite color and this stole will see much more wear with green in it than it would have with red.
Sixteen pages of instructions! Oiy veh. It’s detailed. I’m going to take this one very slow. No knitting in cars. No knitting while watching TV. I told Chris this may take a year to knit. His eyebrows went up a bit, “We may have a new house built before you finish this.”


3 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Oooooo! Very lovely! It is not what I expected from the website, but very nice. I am glad you like the green. I think I would have gone with a deep mossy green bead.

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