I was weak. The crazed gals at Lime and Violet are Enablers. I signed up for the Daily Chum and dang if they didn’t have me chomping at the chum when I saw Moroccon Days Arabian Nights Shawl. Warm rich gold lace with amber glass beads. It’s stunning. Not two days had passed before I’d bought the kit. Then the wait began.
All week I worked industriously on the socks expecting the package to be at the PO when I got back to Tulsa. Friday arrived but….there was nothing in my PO box. No little yellow card telling me to go to the desk and pick up my package. But I went anyway. David, the nice mail clerk, double-checked for me. Nothing. Zip.
Finally I got a tracking email Friday afternoon that the kit had been sent. Did you know that the USPS will provide tracking updates by email? Yeah. Saturday morning I didn’t even bother going to the PO because the kit was coming from New Hampshire. Saturday afternoon, after the PO closed at noon, I got the update that the kit had arrived at my zip code. It arrived at 6:31am! The kit could have been in my hands, beads bought, swatches knitted. Ugh. The USPS has some tweaking to do on this tracking update process.
Today I’ll work on the second of Christopher’s Haida STR ribbed sock. It’s my basic toe-up pattern. Knit knit knit. Monday is coming.

At two am this morning I finished War & Peace. The second part of the Epilogue was exhausting. Love Tolstoy’s writing except – that fricking section II Epilogue in which he gets on a lecturer’s soapbox. Beautiful book but that last thirty pages made me ready to finish. That and the people at the coffee shop. I never knew how much people check the titles of other people’s reading material. But suddenly I’ve got several people, who I barely know or simply recognize from just seeing around, talking to me about W&P. One speed-read it years ago and admits that she missed most of the finer points of the novel. Ya think? Heck she said this right after I’d read the same paragraph four times trying to get my head wrapped around it. I’m not a scholar, I’m just your average book addict with quiet winters.
Another woman asked me, hands on hips, why I was reading W&P. “Uhhhh,” I stumbled, “I like the Russians?” (Really I do like Russian novels. I always imagine it’s the long cold winters they spend crafting beautiful thought provoking sentences and stories that makes them so good.) This chick hovering over me as I sat sipping coffee was disturbing. She reminded me of her status as a Librarian, and her English degree. She has not read War & Peace. It was like she was questioning my right to read such a serious book. Without thought the words popped out of my mouth, “Yeah, well I’m a college drop out. Go figure.”

Now I’m often accused of not editing before speaking. A lot. Usually the result is jumbled sentences, tangents, and half thoughts. Snarky seldom happens. I’m not that witty. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain though. I’d love to think some of his bite is wearing off on me. Doubtful. I’ll just savor it as one of the few shining moments of my life. Score one for the undereducated.


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